Smart City

Smart City is the phrase you can hear from all corners today. The development cannot be stopped and of course neither cities must not be left behind. Current technologies allow to solve the problems of the city so that it can be a pleasant place for residents and visitors. Simplicity, efficiency, comfort – this is Smart City.


One of Smart City's essential components is parking. The system provides online information on the occupancy of parking spaces and allows citizens to orientate easily. We offer several solutions that we can fit to each city individually.

Usable data
Economic benefit
Satisfied citizen
Comfortable payment

The system provides statistical information that city management can use to analyze and plan traffic and parking.

A car looking for a parking space has a big impact on the quality of the urban air. This parking system makes a significant contribution for improving urban air quality.

The parking system brings the city a 80 to 120 % higher income from parking. It monitors parking places and parking fees. It provides the municipal police information for more effective view of the parking payment discipline.

The occupancy status of individual parking spaces is communicated to the drivers by LED boards, a web portal and also in the application. The system significantly reduces the time to search for free space, which leads to the satisfaction of citizens and visitors.

In addition to standard payment it is also possible to pay by contactless credit card and mobile application. This app allows you to pay parking fees from anywhere and for the user is completely free.

Smart Public Transport

Smart bus stops can inform passengers about bus departures and the delays. They take the form of several types of information boards which we supply individually according to the needs of each city.

High reliability
Low power consumption
Satisfied citizen

Information boards for smart bus stops are designed to withstand adverse climatic conditions. In addition they are well readable even during direct sunlight.

Information boards are powered from public lighting or by a solar panel. Technologies use a very small amount of electricity for operation and some types of information boards are even self-sufficient.

High-quality and reliable information about public transport will make live of residents easier and also leads to their long-term satisfaction.


One of the basic goal of every city is the safety of citizens and low crime rate. Today we can provide facilities that can help to achieve this goal. City SOS audio stations are used to prevent crime and increase the safety of residents and visitors of the city. It is a telephone terminal that allows immediate connection with the dispatcher.

Increased safety
First aid
Effective communication

The main benefit of the City SOS audio stations is the prevention of crime and increased security of residents but also of all visitors of the city.

City SOS audio stations are equipped with fire extinguishers, a first aid kit and a defibrillator. This equipment is released by remote command of the operator.

City SOS audio station is a terminal that allows not only voice but also video communication. When the terminal is active, the operator can see a panoramic online image of the surroundings and the calling person.