Transport telematics

Transport telematics connects transport infrastructure with information systems and telecommunication technologies. The basic objective of these systems is to ensure transport efficiency, increase transport performance and increase safety for all traffic participants.

In this filed SPEL, a.s. is a market leader and can provide all the elements of telematics on highways and also the city infrastructure.

SOS audio stations

They are used as data concentrators providing a loudly reproduced call with the possibility of multilingual communication through the graphic display and three buttons in the anti-vandal design that serve not only to call for help but also to move through the display menu. At the same time they provide connectivity interface for external devices such as traffic counters, weather stations, camera systems and more.

Camera systems

Camera systems are primarily intended for the administration and maintenance of roads, for monitoring traffic intensity, for remote online supervision, monitoring and evaluation of weather situation, road surface conditions or current road traffic.

Weighing vehicles while driving

The vehicle weighing system is designed to measure and record the current weight of a passing vehicle at both low and high speeds. The system records the weight on individual wheels, axles and total vehicle weight. Records from the weighing system are paired with images from detection cameras.

Traffic counters

Traffic counters detect and evaluate the number, speed and category of passing vehicles in each lane. It is possible to download the gained data using a directly connected computer or by remote access. Traffic counters can be installed separately or as part of complex systems.

Weather stations

Weather stations are systems that provide actual information of weather conditions as well as road conditions. Instant information from the system help to identify critical road conditions quickly. They also enable optimization of the application of chemical spreading and early warning of traffic hazards to traffic users.

Technological dispatching

Computer technology including software configuration, display walls, substations, switchboards, cable routes and dispatching phones. Creation of own visualizations for telematics equipment, traffic control, buildings, production in industrial and power plants.

Section speed limit measurement

Speed measurement systems are important to keep traffic flowing smoothly, reduce noise and increase traffic safety. The sectional speed measurement is primarily intended for unification and stabilization of traffic flow and elimination of random traffic jams. The system measures the average speed of vehicles in a defined road segment.